Days after Pecola closed its brick + mortar location, an article came out in Vice voting us one of the shopping faves in Atlanta.  This was a complete surprise and came at a time when the future of Pecola was up in the air.  I desperately wanted to find out who the mysterious Vice staffer was, and thank them for quietly scouting out the store and showing us some love.  I wondered--was it the guy with the tattoo sleeve and the weird socks, or maybe the painfully stylish woman who came in and had an in-depth conversation about how she wore all black for a year straight and loved it?  Oh well, we may never know.  What I do know is this:  Free publicity is great, but free publicity from Vice is a testament to the fact that we succeeded in making brick + mortar stores cool again.

"Part boutique, part tiny art gallery, and sometimes part live music venue, Pecola is nestled in the still-forming Inman Quarter shopping and dining district in the Inman Park neighborhood. Check out the wall of art pieces for sale by local artists while browsing through racks of uber-trendy dresses and separates for guys and dolls alike. There's cute stuff like tees and strappy sandals, but there's also dated-looking ripped jeans (they actually have an on-site denim distressor, FWIW) and a bag that legit looks like a net you catch fish in so, you know, choose your own adventure! At least you're shopping local."
You can read the article in its entirety here.

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